Where is the forest?

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Un poco más sobre el FAIRY TALES 2012,
 con SMS, CHANTKARE, Glam Affair, Wasabi, y LaGyo.

Capelet        CHANTKARE         Wool Capelet Noir    FAIRY TALES 2012
Skirt      {SMS}       Fairy Tales Print Skirt Forest   FAIRY TALES 2012
Hair      /Wasabi Pills/        Princess Mesh Hair - Faded     FAIRY TALES 2012
Headpiece          LaGyo      Dandelion mohawk headpiece - Black    FAIRY TALES 2012
Skin          -Glam Affair -          Mia Fairy Tales 2012 04 A    FAIRY TALES 2012

 Y en un contexto alucinante,  Artée (Artistide Després)  expone  "Huxley, Orwell & Ivory Towers ", aquí os dejo el comentario sobre su obra....
"Artée (Artistide Després) has primarily worked for the last 2 years on the creation of musical instruments with brilliant optical and acoustic effects, which have been frequently awarded. Parallel to the furthering of perfection of instruments, many important incidents occurred across the globe which are still changing the world: The bank crashes with the result of the worldwide Street Occupy Movement and the atomic accident at Fukushima. Both themes are already heavily influenced the previous works of Artée, but that did not prevent her from believing more and more in the ivory tower of the protected environment of her artistic world. The result is the current work "Huxley, Orwell & Ivory Towers ".  We see around the centered instruments in the ivory tower several fields of worldwide misevaluation: Urbanisation, Totalitarianism, war and violence, misuse of financial power and pollution. Artée shows that our society loses freedom via new media and switches from Huxley’s social vision in “Brave new World” of dictatorship via Entertainment to Orwell’s vision in “1984” of a society under total control.
Quan Lavender"

Model, stylist & photographer        Syra Hyun

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